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The State of Georgia

Rx PAPER for use in the State of Georgia

Micro Format Georgia Thermal Rx Paper Products meet and exceed ALL Medicaid Requirements.

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State of GEORGIA
O.C.G.A. 26-4-80.1

December 2011 UPDATE

July 2013 UPDATE

While the only Georgia State Requirement is that Rx Scripts used in the State of Georgia must meet Medicaid requirements, using Georgia Scripts that meet previous regulations will insure the prescriptions you issue are unique, meet all security and Medicaid requirements, and are issued on paper that is ONLY AVAILABLE for purchase by those in the State of Georgia medical community.

Micro Format is a Georgia State Approved
Manufacturer and Provider for Rx Paper Products.

All Georgia State SecureGuard Rx Paper Products
meet and exceed Medicaid and Georgia State Requirements.
Sheet Size: 8.5in. x 11in.

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Georgia Rx Pad Base Stock - Security Features (pdf file)

Medicaid Tamper Resistant Rx Pad Paper

Prescription Pad Base Stock

  • 8-1/2' x 11' sheets
  • 24# bond (60# offset)
  • Ready to imprint and pad

  • 2,500 sheets per carton

    In Stock ---READY TO SHIP

    Carbonless Prescription Pad Base Stock

  • Pt 1 Secure Rx Base Stock ~ 20#(CB)
  • Pt 2 Blank Canary - 20#(CF)

  • 8-1/2' x 11' sheets
  • Ready to imprint and pad

  • 1,250 sets per carton
  • Pre-Collated Sets
    For Use with PADDING Glue.
    and WITH 'FAN-A-PART' compound.


    Item# RX580
    8-1/2" x 11" sheet
    (Full Sheet)

    Gray Background Georgia State Tamper Resistant Laser Rx Paper

    Laser Prescription Rx580
    All Georgia State SecureGuard Rx Paper Products meet and exceed Medicaid and Georgia State Requirements.

    • Secure Guard™ Tamper Resistant Laser Script Security Features Include:

      • Gray Security Background
        The word 'VOID' appears when script is photocopied

      • Identifier Production Batch Number in the margin on the front of the sheet
        (Not shown on the image above>

      • Consecutive Number in the upper left-hand corner of the sheet.
        (Not shown on the image above>

      • Erasure Protection
        White Mark appears when erased with ink eraser

      • Security Watermark on back of sheet
        Hold on 45 degree angle to light to view
        When duplicated - Artificial Watermark is not visible on copy

      • Coin activated Security on back of script
        Rub with coin to validate script
        coin activated security

      • Security Feature Warning Box on back of sheet
        Security Features listed in warning box on reverse side of script

      • Reverse Rx
        Rx Symbol drops out when photocopied
        Reverse Rx

      • Black Georgia Seal of Approval in the lower right-hand corner of scripts
        Georgia Seal

      • Gray Rx SecureGuard border along edge of sheet

      • UV Security Watermark
        Invisible Images are visible when viewed under black light

    Item# RX580
    1 carton
    (2,500 sheets per carton)
    Consecutively Numbered

      Item# Rx503T-P4

      Meets ALL Medicaid and Georgia Requirements

      Sheet Size: 8-1/2' x 11' ~ Perforated to yield up to 4 scripts when detached
      Detached Prescription Size: 5-1/2' x 4-1/4'

    Laser Rx Paper with color change ink

    • Sheet size: 8-1/2' x 11'
    • Perforated in Quarters
    • 24# bond

    • Hidden Message TechnologyTM
      'VOID' Background Technology
      When a prescriptions printed on Secure Guard Prescription Pad Paper has been copied, the word 'VOID' appears on the photocopy in background.

    • Secure RubTM Color Change Ink
      Strip of RED Rx symbols in margin disappears briefly when rubbed.

    • Anti-Copy WatermarkTM
      An artificial watermark is printed on the back of each sheet.
      This watermark will not appear on a copy when the document is duplicated.
      Hold to light on a 45 degree angle to view watermark.

      An 'Anti Copy Security Mark' is hidden on the back of the sheet
      as part of the artificial watermark. Rub a coin over the back of the sheet to activate this feature.

    • Distinctive 'BLUE SECURITY background'
      Distinctive BLUE Background provides 'ERASURE' Protection

    • Batch Number ProtectionTM
      A Production 'Batch Number' is printed on every sheet of Secure Guard Prescription Pad Paper.

    • Reverse Side Warning Box
      A Document Security Feature Warning Box appears in four (4) positions on the back of each sheet.

      Rx503T-Security features

    Secure Tamper Resistant Laser Prescription Paper
    with Color Change Ink

    The Wholesale Products Listed on this page will be
    sold only to Authorized Secure Guard Paper Re-Sellers

    Blue Background Rx503T-P4
    with Color Change Ink

    2,500 sheets per carton

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