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Protect Printed Documents from Unauthorized Duplication

What is Security Paper?

Security Paper is used to help prevent the unauthorized duplication of a printed document. This is accomplished by placing A NUMBER OF SECURITY FEATURES into the base paper stock onto which the document is printed.

To secure a document, it is very important to use multiple security features.

A document that contains only one security feature, a VOID background for example, may be easily duplicated on some photo copiers without the word VOID showing up on the copy.
However - add a ghost watermark to the back of the sheet, color change ink and micro printing to the front of the sheet; now you have created a document that is virtually impossible to accurately duplicate using a photo copier or scanner.

Why use Micro Format

Document Security Paper?

  • As a manufacturer of Document Security Papers,
    Micro Format offers a variety of Document Security Papers
  • Choose the paper that contains the level of security you need
    • Low Level Security - Copy Obscure
    • High Level Security - Original Document Paper
    • REACT - prevents copies with digital color copiers
  • Micro Format Document Security Paper is not available in local Office Supply and Computer Stores.
    When "generic" security paper is available to the general public in retail stores, documents printed on that paper provide a "false sense" of security.
  • Custom Printed Document Security Paper is available in larger quantities.
    • Custom Security Features
    • Custom Hidden Messages
    • Foreign Language hidden messages

Security Paper is used to help prevent Unauthorized Document Duplication.

Document Security Paper CAN:

  • help the viewer or recipient identify an original document.
  • act as a deterrent against unauthorized duplication.
  • be manufactured with features that are impossible to accurately duplicate.

Document Security Paper CANNOT:

  • cause the copy to print black, rendering it useless.
  • distort the image thus rendering the copy useless.
  • cause damage to or in any way change the original document when copied or scanned

While Document Security Paper offers protection against unauthorized duplication, the image can still be copied or scanned. The text or graphics will be visible on the copy and can be read.
However it will be possible to determine which document is the original and which is the duplicate.

As far as today's technology goes, other than dark red paper or paper printed with a dark purple background, there is not a product produced anywhere in the world that will cause a photocopy to turn black (and this happens only on a black and white copier when a document has been printed on Dark Red or Purple Paper).
Even red paper or paper with a dark purple background can be duplicated when using a color copier!

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